Monday, 14 February 2011

Anamorphic love

My love,

#3. Written Instructions.
Past cure I desperately now accept
Unfavourable growth
My reason, the physician to my love, the clinical photography
Retainers to my love
Three extra oral and frantic-mad with evermore unrest
And I look forward to my love,
At random from displaced headgear.

- Burns from the truth vainly expressed
Desire is coronal resorption which no longer nurseth the
Past cure I am, now reason is as a fever, to please.
Th' uncertain sickly appetite.
To please.
My love is as a dressing (pack) to be put in place.
Desire is required to please. 

Death, cell proliferation occurs with the disease,
My love is as a result of canine ectopia.
My love, as dark as night.

All teeth are present,
Past cure I also showed her how to please.
My love is placed on patient computer record.
Feeding on radiation exposure. Although this risk is death, which physics did except.
Feeding on a fever, longing still
Desire is death, while overbite is normal. There is an orthodontic assessment. The orthodontist

prescribed a fever, longing still
- Teasing
Fixed appliance if required.
Soft tissues feeding on a fever, longing still very sore around the ill,
Th' uncertain sickly appetite to please.
My thoughts and my discourse as mad men's are,
And I look forward to my love, until the alveolar bone changes become stabilised.
Burns from the brace, as dark as night
Bone, blood, desire
My thoughts and exposure.  December 5169 - The pack was removed and bracket bonded to my love is

programmed to please.
My reason, as dark as night
Patient was advised to please.
Severe need.
Desire is palatally ectopic.
A fever, longing still
For I am, as dark as night
My love is as a fever, longing still
Desire is death, the physician to my love.
Text created with Babble! software by combining Shakespeare's Sonnet 147 and my wife's (orthodontic) Interdisciplinary Care discourse.