Friday, 16 November 2012

Postcard sale with a noble cause!

Via Simon Moorhead:

Today we have launched 4 exclusive and ultra-cool sets of greeting cards that can be used for Christmas and other occasions. The cards can be bought in the virtual shop at

The images have kindly been donated by Dave McKea
n, Barron Storey, and the winners of the two competitions run at

Bartosz Jekiel, Jakub Chwieszczenik, Dominic Chenier, Volcano Digital art, Alexander Jansson, Aneta Horodecka, Tomasz Wieja, Jason Fox, Giovanni Auriemma, Taylor Dolan and Dennis Stiff. Thank you.

There are two diseases that can affect us all. Cancer and Heart Disease. A few years ago I had to have a blockage removed in one of the major arteries to the heart - so the British Heart Foundation is a charity that is very close to me.

£180,000 will fully fund a three year research programme into heart disease.

As such, I will personally guarantee that all of the profits from the sale of these amazing greetings cards will go to trying to fund a research programme.

So please visit the shop and buy your cards there, tell your friends and relatives to buy their cards there as well and we could achieve this goal!